Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Throwback... when I was pregnant with you. I was thinking the other day I don't know if I ever posted pregnancy photos of myself. We never did a pregnancy photo shoot because it wasn't about me, I wanted to focus on you. I did manage to try & remember to document some of the weeks to see how I was growing, so fun to look back on. The last few pics were of the day before I had you. If you can believe it I was sitting on the concrete floor of the animal shelter evaluating a blind Heeler boy in the hot July heat the day before you came into this world...I ended up rescuing him, he had to have his eyes removed, but is the sweetest boy & now has a wonderful life. Rescuing heelers is one of my passions, so there was no better way to spend my last day before welcoming you into our lives. Looking back sitting in that heat may be the reason you arrived the next day lol. I just felt like reminiscing about that special time today & how you continue to grow. Love xo

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