Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Throwback... when I was pregnant with you. I was thinking the other day I don't know if I ever posted pregnancy photos of myself. We never did a pregnancy photo shoot because it wasn't about me, I wanted to focus on you. I did manage to try & remember to document some of the weeks to see how I was growing, so fun to look back on. The last few pics were of the day before I had you. If you can believe it I was sitting on the concrete floor of the animal shelter evaluating a blind Heeler boy in the hot July heat the day before you came into this world...I ended up rescuing him, he had to have his eyes removed, but is the sweetest boy & now has a wonderful life. Rescuing heelers is one of my passions, so there was no better way to spend my last day before welcoming you into our lives. Looking back sitting in that heat may be the reason you arrived the next day lol. I just felt like reminiscing about that special time today & how you continue to grow. Love xo

Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter, garden, park &...

...lots of fun! With the nice weather comes lots of outings. I love exploring the city & finding fun things to do with you. Love our trips to the park downtown, having picnics, playing in the water & watching all the people, you really enjoy it too. I try to think of different things to expose you too, so you can have a variety of experiences. We also had a fun Easter, egg hunt, brunch & petting zoo at bent tree country club Saturday & then Sunday we went to the golf course & your great grandparents for another hunt & dinner. In the midst of all that we also planted our veggie & herb garden & played in the water, you were a good helper & love playing in the dirt just like me. This last weekend we went to auntie Kristin's baby shower, lunch on the patio, wagon ride & flew a kite. I also started on your birthday invites because I'm making them, they are going to be so cute! Oh all the fun we having you with me, you are my partner in fun. Love xo

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring &...

...lots of projects. I finished up an antique book wall hanging for sweet Kristin & baby Benjamin on the way, so excited for her! I also made him a banner for the party & a baby scarf for this winter. I finished your birthday banner, love the colors & used it in your birthday photo shoot for your cards. I splattered paint on you & then gave you paint & the brush to make a mess with. It turned out adorable & you are always so patient with me & my crazy ideas, well most of the time : ) I love parties & doing crafty stuff with you, I was lucky to grow up doing stuff like that & want you to have the same, makes me happy. Last weekend we hung out with the girls, went to Disney on ice & you jumped on the trampoline for the first time, so funny! We also started the veggie garden & went to the park downtown again, we brought luigi this time too. We have such a great time played in the fountains, we sat on our blanket & watched the kites & people & then had Vietnamese tacos for lunch. It was enough fun to make you pass out in the car. Love spending time with you so much, I hate when the weekends end, but that's why we make the most of it! Love xo