Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter, garden, park &...

...lots of fun! With the nice weather comes lots of outings. I love exploring the city & finding fun things to do with you. Love our trips to the park downtown, having picnics, playing in the water & watching all the people, you really enjoy it too. I try to think of different things to expose you too, so you can have a variety of experiences. We also had a fun Easter, egg hunt, brunch & petting zoo at bent tree country club Saturday & then Sunday we went to the golf course & your great grandparents for another hunt & dinner. In the midst of all that we also planted our veggie & herb garden & played in the water, you were a good helper & love playing in the dirt just like me. This last weekend we went to auntie Kristin's baby shower, lunch on the patio, wagon ride & flew a kite. I also started on your birthday invites because I'm making them, they are going to be so cute! Oh all the fun we having you with me, you are my partner in fun. Love xo

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