Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring &...

...lots of projects. I finished up an antique book wall hanging for sweet Kristin & baby Benjamin on the way, so excited for her! I also made him a banner for the party & a baby scarf for this winter. I finished your birthday banner, love the colors & used it in your birthday photo shoot for your cards. I splattered paint on you & then gave you paint & the brush to make a mess with. It turned out adorable & you are always so patient with me & my crazy ideas, well most of the time : ) I love parties & doing crafty stuff with you, I was lucky to grow up doing stuff like that & want you to have the same, makes me happy. Last weekend we hung out with the girls, went to Disney on ice & you jumped on the trampoline for the first time, so funny! We also started the veggie garden & went to the park downtown again, we brought luigi this time too. We have such a great time there...you played in the fountains, we sat on our blanket & watched the kites & people & then had Vietnamese tacos for lunch. It was enough fun to make you pass out in the car. Love spending time with you so much, I hate when the weekends end, but that's why we make the most of it! Love xo

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