Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A trip... springfield to visit your new baby cousin Gracie was so much fun last weekend. We hung out with her, aunt Jackie, grandpa & grandma & my friends. We ate, went shopping, played outside, went to the park, bass pro & just hung out. You did great on the plane again, we got lucky & the lady next to you let you watch frozen on the way there, you were so excited. I went out with my friends one night & you played with grandma. We had fun at the playground with Marissa, Eva & Jackie, had some snacks & ran around. You love going down the slide, are adventurous & are becoming more independent. You are talking a lot & can say more words than I can keep track of now. You have a good time traveling but are so happy when we get to come home, you are a definite homebody & love seeing your pups & dada.

 Last weekend I ran the Dallas half marathon too. I trained very hard...ran & biked in the mornings before the sun came up & you & dada were still in bed, exercised in the quiet, freezing cold with lots of wind most of the time, through sickness & sinus issues, muscle aches & pains, tiredness & more. It took a lot of motivation, a competition with myself. The pups happily came with me on my shorter runs & I am so thankful for them because they were my only running partners. I got stronger & stronger each week & became more deteremined to accomplish my goal of crossing the finish line. Not only did I want to do this for me, but to show you that you can do anything you set your mind to. You have to work hard in life to achieve your goals, stay strong through the hard times, focus on the good & do what makes you happy. So always know that I will be right by your side cheering you on no matter what your passion may be. I crossed the finish line on that cold morning 15 min faster that what I anticipated & never walked except to stop for water, it was a proud & fulfilling moment for me. The best part was seeing you, dada & Mimi on the other side : ) love you m, you make me a better person & I'm so grateful to be your mom. 

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