Saturday, March 8, 2014

A new handmade...

...& a few other fun things. I just made a new vintage book wall hanging for your cousin Gracie who will be here very soon. Love making them & will probably at custom orders to my Etsy shop soon. You are doing great at school, the kids are always excited when I drop you off & the teachers are so sweet to you. They send us pics of you doing activities, so sweet. Dada & I went out a couple weekends ago & had a nice dinner with some friends. Then we got to go to the mavs game the next weekend which was also a blast. You love carrying around this one pic of the 3 of us when you were first born & saying mamA, dada,'s precious. You also love pushing your babies around in their stroller & so much more. You are still loving your pup pups & I've caught you in random moments giving them food & water, thank goodness they are sweet, patient dogs. We all love being goofy together, life is so good! Xo

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