Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day, art fest &...

...bluebonnet pics. I think it's a tx tradition to take pics in the blue bonnets every year, so we will join in on the fun. I scouted out a nice patch of flowers at work & snapped away, you were such a trooper. The last couple weekends we have gone to a couple different art fests, one in Richardson & the other in Allen. I love art so it's my cup of tea, dada came with us & Mimi got me a beautiful piece of my favorite pottery, raku. You enjoyed playing & painting in the kids area in Allen. Dada & I had a great dinner at my favorite restaurant, Taverna. You did a beautiful little handprint art for me at school & we spent a lot of time outside & did yard work, which is one of my favorite things. Nothing better than being in nature & you love it too. We also painted a special rock for Mimi's sofie who passed away last week, we were very sad about it, but now she can remember her everytime she is in the garden. Now that it's getting warmer you can start playing in the water again which you love. You also hung out with me at work yesterday for a bit, was so much fun. What a great couple weekends, so blessed to be able to call myself a mommy to you, you are my world. Xo

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