Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arts & crafts, outdoor fun...

& a Heeler get together. Loved having a long weekend with you because we always have so much fun hanging out together. We went to the park & threw confetti eggs which you loved. We worked on some things for your upcoming birthday. Watered the garden which is one of your favorite things, we are getting our first veggies already. We had a Heeler get together at the dog park, you really enjoyed running around with the puppies & helped adopt out a little chihuahua to a nice couple. It was rainy Monday so we played games, colored, hung out in the teepee & cooked out. You are talking so much now it's amazing & communicate very well with little frustration.

 A couple of my favorite things you have been say 'mommy sit' & then we just sit there & look around for a bit & then get up & continue on, sometimes it happens over & over. When we meet people you smile & point to or grab me & say 'my mommy', don't think anything makes me happier. You say 'hand' & reach out for mine, you do this when you want to show me something or are feeling unsure, you will also add 'walk' if you want to wander with me. You say 'sleepy' & then 'show' if you want to watch a movie or show slumber party style in your room. You love airplanes & say 'airplane' very loudly anytime you hear or see one, then we find it in the sky. When you bump your knee or get a big bite, instead of touching it you wave & say 'hi boo boo'. You absolutely love the water & say 'swimming' or 'water' a lot, you have a permanent grin whenever you are in the pool. You have been mimicking me a lot & say 'ok' & 'bye bye love you' 'see you later' to the puppies when we leave & to anyone else you are leaving. We are counting & working on your alphabet & break out in song a lot of times when we are at the store. A singing child is a happy child! We love you, you are becoming such a sweet, curious, helpful, animated little girl xo

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