Thursday, May 22, 2014

Busy weekend filled...

...with fun times & good memories. We went to Erin's birthday party Saturday after the park & it was a huge building filled with trampolines. The minute we walked in you started squealing & yelling ooh play play! You walked straight on to the trampoline & started bouncing away, no fear. You took a great nap after that. Then the next morning we went to the zoo, it was so fun for you to see all the animals. I felt like the zoo was well done & all the animals seemed to be happy, well taken care of & enough space to roam. Of course I had to question the zoo keeper about the cheetahs, they were my only concern with space to run. But you stayed so calm & peaceful & never screamed at the animals like the other kids. So glad we have taught you to respect animals & their space, so important. After we went to lunch at the park & you played in the water, what a wonderful weekend with my loves. Oh & you've also become very interested in coloring all the time & have taken to drawing your art on our glass door. You absolutely love it, have running commentary about the things you are drawing & yay yourself all the time, especially when you draw circles  xo

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