Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 4th & your...

...2nd birthday party, it was an awesome fun filled weekend! We went over to Mimi's for some swimming & to see your cousin Gracie. That night we headed to the country club for some dinner, music, fun & fireworks. You kept grabbing my hand & pulling me over to dance to the live music, was so cute. You had a blast running around & being silly. We watched the fireworks on our quilt on the course & you ran around with your glow sticks occasionally stopping to lay with us, so fun! The next day we decorated & went to pick up the food for your party. You had a few friends come, you painted on canvas, watched a movie, played & ate some food. We asked everyone to bring donated animal items that we could take to the shelter instead of gifts. We dropped those off today & the volunteers were so thankful, it's so important to give to those that are in need. I also took Monday off for an extra long weekend...we went to froggies toy store to play, the antique store where we found a couple cool things & then to the park to run around in the fountains, such a wonderful day with you. I am so lucky to have you as my daughter, but just as blessed to have you as my little buddy, we always have fun on our adventures xo

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