Monday, June 30, 2014

Recently enjoyed moments...

...this last week. You turn 2 next month, I can't believe it! We are having your party this weekend, we have the 4th of July celebration to go to & your cousin Gracie will be here, going to be so fun, can't wait! This last weekend, we just hung out getting stuff ready, reupholstered some stools, worked in the garden, you had a slumber party with Mimi & dad & I got to go to dinner. Last week at school when I dropped you off, you told me bye bye & then ran up to one of your little friends & said play?! Was so cute! When I picked you up you yelled mommy, ran & gave me a hug & when I picked you up you grabbed my face & smiled saying mommy & hugged me again, you are so precious & so full of love. My favorite thing is you have this little toy at school & you call her mommy doll, everytime I pick you up you are playing with mommy doll, it is one of the funniest things. One day mommy doll came home with us, we took her back of course, but I had to get a pic of her. You are such a good girl, play on your own, have fun no matter what, laugh, dance, sing, listen to us well, have manners saying hi/bye/thank you/your welcome, communicate, create, have an imagination, love to read, swim & bounce. You are such a gift xo

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