Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last weekend...

...was nice & relaxing. We went to the galleria with Mimi & Grammy to see magic shows, get balloons & face paintings. You had a lot of fun running around, but my favorite thing was when you walked up with no fear, stood on stage & watched the show quietly. You kept turning around & smiling at me & when the crowd would cheer you would say 'yay' & clap, sooo funny! It was stormy Sunday so we just watched a movie, went to the store & drove around highland village looking at houses for sale. Love the thought of loving by the water with a bunch of trees & hills, next year : ) The weekend before we went to dinner on our favorite patio because there is room to run & you can bring the pups. We went swimming at the country club & had lunch, you love that little pool because you can walk around the whole thing standing up. It started raining though so the fun was short lived. We played dress up, which you absolutely love hats & glasses, took a wagon ride to see the ducks & you had to get out to help me push the wagon home. I love the pic of you & daddy being silly because you love to laugh. I think you are going through a growth spurt because you have been eating a bunch, talking a lot & staying up later with us, you are our little buddy & we love you so xo

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