Monday, June 16, 2014

Dad's day weekend...

...a lots of fun activities. We made a super cute little sculpture for your dada this weekend, styrofoam ball, tissue paper, mod podge, ribbon & a wooden box, 'best daddy in the world'. You were so curious about the glue, first time we have used it & just kept playing with the dried glue, fixated on the texture, was so funny. You did a good job using your brushes & helping me put the tissue paper on. On Sunday, dada took a boat out, we ate lunch, then floated on the water. You weren't crazy about going in the lake, but had fun playing on the bench partially in the water. It was a great day to spend with family. You were such a trooper & hung in there until you passed out in my arms on our way back around 4. You never want to miss out on a fun time xo

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