Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's your 2nd...

...birthday! We celebrate every year by putting balloons in your bed & you love it so much you get upset when you have to leave. This last year has been an amazing one as you have grown & changed so much. You talk to us, walk around with us holding our hand, use imaginary play, have an opinion, are sweet with babies younger than you, love reading, horses, puppies & kitties, laugh & do silly things, dance & sing to music even if it's in the middle of a store, you weigh about 28 lbs, will try new foods, like jogs in the stroller, are friendly & use your manners, love swimming, making sure you always keep track of me in the house (little mommy), help me put things back, clean your own hands & face, count to 10, do somersaults, say yay for yourself when you do something you weren't sure about or didn't want to do, are very confident in social situations, don't care what others are doing & are confident in your choice so much that other kids watch you, aren't afraid of anything even loud noises, have high expectations about how you want things done & aren't afraid to voice your opinion, are active & climb around while always checking with me that it's ok, are a little lover, caring & sweet & we are so blessed to have you as our daughter xo

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