Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recently enjoyed...

...things. We went to the mall last weekend & you got on stage for the magic show again. You are quite the entertainer, are proud & confident to be you & not afraid to be silly even if no one else is doing it...I want to continue to bring that out in you, so you will always be 'free to be me'! We had so much fun that day, love those moments. We played outside, fed the birds, saved a bunny, started on a fabric hanging for you & went for a morning jog with the pups which you love, but it's just getting so hot...can't wait for fall! Added some of your artwork to the wall, cleaned out the garage & got excited for Mimi & papa to return. You are becoming your own person & are such a joy to be around, always keeping us on our toes xo

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