Monday, September 16, 2013

Waiting for fall...

...& it's cooler weather. I absolutely love once it gets to October, can't wait for all the fun stuff, outdoor activities & holidays. So, to get into the spirit we started working on putting your Halloween outfit together, made a little holiday art project, have been eating a lot of homemade guacamole, watching football, hanging out with dad, cookouts, going to see the ducks at the pond & more. I have been getting up every other morning before the sun comes up to go jogging, i really enjoy it & just being outdoors, just ran 6.5 miles this weekend. Dad & i went out for some dinner & live music with friends friday & had a lot of fun, you got to sleep over at mimi's : ) You have become so much more mobile & we have so much fun hanging out with you! You have really become your own little independent person, but are such a homebody, you are happiest at home playing with your toys. You are so sweet with other kids & are gentle & careful about everything you do. You are an amazingly sweet little girl & we love you so xo

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