Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beginning of September...

...included walking, walking & more walking. You are doing so great, we are so proud of you! I made a leash for your pup pup so you have been practicing walking him, so cute. You hung out with dad yesterday & you were so tired you passed out asleep on the floor haha. You all also called me & you left a message & said 'hi mama', I loved it so much. You are doing more & more imaginary play already which is awesome...you will sit & play by yourself & have conversations with your toys. You have been hugging & kissing the pup pups, so sweet. You love to draw with chalk, crayons & markers, we sit & work on your projects & you stay really focused. We got your freshly picked mocs in the mail & they look oh so cute on you, will be great this fall on those walking feet. Dad also snapped a pic of luigi sleeping on me like he always does with his head on my neck, he is the sweetest boy. You are dad & my little buddy, we love you so xo

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