Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things around town...

...are starting. Like the balloon festival, Oktoberfest, the fair, etc & we are going to try & make the best of our weekends & go to as many as possible. Last weekend we chased the hot air balloons, thanks to dad, until they would land so you could see them. Was so much fun & one even landed at our park : ) think we might try the fair this weekend, never been, should be interesting. You got a new giraffe toy from our friends that you love to carry around with you. You have been dancing more lately, really laughing, and saying 'oh' a lot. Like when you see something you've been looking for, drop something, fall or when we turn on the light in your room in the morning. Then you proceed to babble or giggle about it, so silly. We went to a couple different playgrounds this weekend & you really walked around & played, climbed & slid down the slides...the puppies even followed behind us on the slide, you thought that was great, they stick right by our side no matter what. Mimi came with us to the eatsi's, i love that place, nice to have it near our house now. you also met a few other kids there that you walked right up to & wanted to make friends. you are so are shy sometimes & other times very friendly & outgoing, my balanced baby girl. You built a fort with dad on Monday & played in the yard, you love your daddy time. We love you & can't believe you are 14 months old now! Xo 

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