Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The last couple weekends...

...have been filled with fun. We went to Springfield to visit family & friends. You jumped on Carter's bed to wake him up was so cute. The car ride was long & you stayed up late making funny noises & making us laugh. We went for a long jog, went house hunting with auntie Spanky, you slept on an air mattress for the first time, hung out with our friends marissa & Eva & met some other little girls at the baby shower. When we got back, we played dress up, got the cutest sandals for my little walker, did some chalk drawings, played in the tent, cleaned out a closet, dad got a new truck & we made some good food. You are walking more frequently, pivoting to turn direction, saying please, thank you, hi, bye bye, pup pup & many more. You love to open & close doors & drawers, take things out & put them back, scrunch your nose when you giggle & smile, dance when you hear music swinging back & forth, chase the pups & try to take their toys, shake your head up & down when you do something you are happy with, talk to us a lot, love to share whatever food we are eating, sleep so well & your 'b' makes you happy, give hugs & kisses after smiling at us, tackle me when I'm laying on the floor with you, rub your face on the soft toys you love, brushing your teeth & playing in the water is so fun for you at night, going exploring with us outside & so much more. We love you, you make everyday special m. Xo

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