Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving... engagement party & decorating for Christmas! This last month has been so busy, but filled with all sorts of fun activities. The weather has also been great for this time of year so we have spent a lot of time outside. We got to celebrate uncle Steve's engagement to Steph with a party. Lots of friends & family to share in the excitement, it was a great night! Thanksgiving morning we did the turkey trot downtown with them, as well as mimi & daddy & the pups. It was your first time, daddy pushed you in the stroller & you tolerated it once we finally got moving. There were around 40,000 people, too many, so think we will be doing it closer to home next year. That night we went to Mimi's for a wonderful feast, so much to be thankful for! We also  decorated for Christmas a week early this year so daddy could be a part of it, you loved helping string the garland & then take it off again. Last weekend we went to try on flower girl dresses for a weddings you will be in next July, you are going to be adorable, can't wait. You are such a busy little girl these days & are learning at lightning speed. We are so proud of you, how sweet & smart you are, so funny always doing things to make us laugh & amaze us, good manners & thoughtful & you keep us on our toes. We have so much fun with you exploring & creating memories. Your most recent saying is 'green means go' & 'red means stop'. You love tractors, trucks, trains, mice & puppies, trying on clothes at the store & being silly, looking out the windows & pointing out #'s you see from the car, grabbing my hand & taking me in your teepee at night for flashlights & stories under your favorite blankie, entertaining & just being amazing xo

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