Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween &...

...lots of fun dressing up. You were 'what does the fox say' for Halloween. You love that goofy song & foxes so it was a good fit this year. We carved a pumpkin like a kitty at your request & then baked the seeds which you liked. We had a parade at my work & then we did trick or treating at mimi & papa's house with the had a blast! Throughout the week we also dressed up a lot which you love. You crack me up when we go to stores you go straight for the glasses & hats & love to model the clothes in the mirror, you say beautiful & then laugh, you make me smile so much! We also attended a princess tea party & you got to meet a few of the princesses. You are so silly though, you loved your dress but wanted to be outside more playing in the grass than squealing over some princesses, love that you are your own person! You are talking up a storm, have conversations with us & really understand things. We had the best weekend just hanging out, playing outside & just being together, nothing I love more. You are forever my baby girl xo

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