Saturday, September 27, 2014

The last couple weeks...

...have been so much fun with you! We've tagged our Saturdays 'Adventure Saturdays!' Each weekend we try to do something a little different, new craft, new place or discover something new. You are my little buddy & hop around from place to place so well, getting excited with everything we do. The weather got chilly a couple weekends ago, so I took you to hope park in frisco, it's like a little village playground. You had a blast climbing, sliding, running & exploring. We will be back. Then we went grocery shopping at whole foods & ate our lunch on the patio listening to a jazz/blues band  after you proclaimed 'music mommy!' I love that you love & appreciate music at such a young age, you sit & listen like such a big girl. We also got new carpet woohoo!

This last weekend we went to the balloon festival. We parked, hiked into the park, up on the hill, ate snacks on our picnic blanket, you ran around with other kids & then we watched the balloons fly overhead. You absolutely loved it, so special! The next day daddy took us to go chase the balloons & we happened to park next to a field where one of them landed, was so great. Love when we all 3 get to spend time together, we live for the weekends. We started working on your Halloween costume & colored a pumpkin in celebration for fall. I am so excited to say you are doing so well with the beginning of potty training, are communicating in sentences, are so animated & loving & we love you so! Xo

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