Saturday, August 30, 2014

A road trip & ...

...a few random pics. We took a trip to Missouri last weekend, it was great spending a little time hanging out with family and friends. My best friend Marissa brought her kids, Eva & Blake, over & you all had so much fun playing together. You ran around, played on the playground, took a bath, ate some dinner & played with toys. Was so cute seeing you all giggle & be silly together just like me & her mom used to be. Made me smile. You were so sweet with cousin Gracie & loved chasing the kitties. I love going out of town with you, you are a good little traveler & it's always a treat for me to have you sleep in the bed, like our own little slumber party. Saturday we invited grandpa & grandma to go swimming at the pool, had a blast. Then we went & had sushi for dinner, you ate edemame, seaweed salad your favorite, miso soup, noodles & veggies & some Japanese ice cream. You love being around carter & are sweet & caring towards each other. Was a nice trip, but always happy to come back home. We are enjoying a relaxing labor day weekend, one month closer to fall! You are now counting to 10, know some of the alphabet, can repeat not just words but a few word sentences. You have a sense of humor, are gentle, caring & such a beautiful little girl, love you xo

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