Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First day at school &...

...hanging out with your pup pups. You started going to daycare a couple days a week & you are doing awesome. The teacher said you are such a happy little girl that plays well with others & by yourself. I went to check on you the other day & you were giggling at the other kids making funny noises at the lunch table, so cute! I'm so proud of you. You got to pick your outfit the first day & it was very creative with the headbands, you put on almost everyday, and my shirt wrapped around your shoulders. Hung out with the pups at the park & got them in another pic protecting you, they are very special & makes me happy to see how they love you like we love them. Dogs & babies can all live harmoniously as long as include everyone & do things together, so important! Love you my little happy free spirit xo

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