Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A few arts & crafts...

...for the upcoming holiday. Love making things for the holidays throughout the year & now you are in my life it makes it so much more fun! We made our own little crayons in the shapes of hearts. We peeled the labels off the crayons, broke them into pieces, you liked that part best & put them in a mold to bake, after 20 min they were done. Then we put them on a card & stamped a cute saying & voila...our own homemade valentine day card. We also made paper tissue hearts with contact paper, you liked ripping the paper. You got to paint using a sponge & wood block, you liked how it felt to paint with something different than a brush & really loved wiping it all over yourself! We made a house out of a box & played with your sand table & ran around outside. Your new favorite word is 'slide' so we do our best to make it to the playground as much as possible. We have more crafts in store for this weekend, can't wait! Love xo

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