Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's been awhile...

...but it's only because there is so much going on with our upcoming move to Kansas : ) excited for the this part of our journey, looking forward to a slower pace in a smaller town & getting to spend more quality time with my special little girl. You are growing so fast, talking a bunch, happy & vivacious, curious & loving, a homebody at heart. We have had St. Patty's day, Easter, a trip to Kansas & to Missouri in the last month & a half, as well as selling the house, packing & looking for a new place to call home. I will miss the little house on Sequoia so much, but I know it's going to pass on the happiness it blessed us with to another sweet family. The house has been more than a home to me, it has seen me through being single & overwhelmed with where my life was going, to motivating me to do a lot of DIY & make it cute again, to meeting & falling in love with your dad, being a refuge/rehab center for many sick, homeless heelers, to being pregnant with you & bringing you home & raising you under it's little roof. The tree lined streets that made it feel cozy & housed the birds & squirrels we loved to watch, the running trail that was my companion & happy place in the mornings before the sun came up working towards a goal, the creek & fields that provided many hours of play & exercise for you & the pups, as well as the playgrounds where you swung & slid for the first time, to the gardens that we spent so much time digging, planting & having fun in the sun. So much love, laughter, fun & moments I'll forever be grateful for & never forget because they have made my life the life I always wished for. Nothing in the world more important than family & it will always be a place close to my heart because it's where our family started. Xo & on to new adventures!

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