Tuesday, January 6, 2015


...this year was so much fun with you! We went & looked at Christmas lights around town & you got so excited! You loved the Christmas tree & kept taking the garland & ornaments off & would lay under the tree looking at the lights. You didn't care too much about the gifts, but loved the horses & paw patrol. We opened gifts that morning, then went to lunch at Mimi's. They spoiled us! The weekend before we took all the dogs & went to abilene to visit your dad's family, quick in & out. You really go with the flow, but are still happiest when you nap. You are so friendly with other kids & are great with adults as well. You have manners, say hi, bye, thank you, you're welcome, nice to meet you & hug & shake hands. You are a truly special girl & I think people are sometimes mesmerized by you, including us : ) you repeat just about everything we say, have compassion, have such excitement about new adventures, aren't afraid to explore, dance & sing & are so loving. You take your puppy wherever you go. We love you so xo

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